1. Membership
    1. Member is entitled to enjoy food & beverage service at ClubONE designated outlets. However, member is not entitled to use any other club house facilities.
    2. Member can enjoy 30% off (Mon. to Fri.) and 20% off (Sat., Sun. and Public Holidays) in ClubONE designated outlets.
    3. ClubDining membership card will be issued to each member. The membership card is non-transferable under any circumstances. Member must present valid membership cards and identity documents for accessing food & beverage services and enjoying related offers.
    4. Member may introduce Guest(s) at any one time to enjoy the food & beverage services at designated outlets. Each guest must be accompanied by his host (the member) on the club premises and when enjoying any food & beverage services. The club reserves the right to limit the number of Guests a member may bring to enjoy the food & beverage services and/or enter the club premises.
    5. Application fee is non-refundable.
    6. ClubDining membership and its privileges are not transferable.
    7. Member’s food and beverage benefits are only applicable to a la carte but not applicable to banquet (over 36 guests) and special menu.
    8. Each membership card cannot be used at the same period for more than 1 time. Each table is applicable for one membership card only.
    9. The Dining Cash Rebate can be used once the application is completed and the membership card is issued.

  2. Cash Dollars Reward
    1. Cash Dollars Reward are only redeemable by the cardholder personally if the membership is valid. ClubDining ‘s staff can require cardholder to present identity documents during the redemption process.
    2. Cash Dollars Reward are not awarded to member for banquet booking with over 36 guests.
    3. Cumulated Cash Dollars are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Any Cash Dollars accumulated will be forfeited and unredeemable if the member fails to renew his/her ClubDining membership upon its expiry date.
    4. Only accumulated Cash Dollars being shown in the latest bill are redeemable. Should there be any dispute of the credit or calculation of Cash Dollars awarded, ClubDining’s decision is final.

  3. Renewal
    1. Applicable to Premier card only.
    2. Membership upgrade and downgrade are automatically handled by the system and based on the accumulated spending. All membership accumulative purchase record will automatically reset to zero towards the end of effective period.
    3. ClubONE reserves to make the final decision base on the records held by us.

  4. Member Privileges
    1. All coupons dispatched cannot be exchanged for cash or use in conjunction with other offers. Usage of these coupons should be restricted by specific terms and conditions listed on individual coupons.
    2. In case of loss of voucher or cash coupon, ClubDining will not re-issue it and is not entitled to the liabilities on any losses or damages that may be suffered by the member.

  5. Loss
    1. In case of loss, damage or theft of the membership card, member is subject to $100 handling fee for the replacement. Member must notify ClubDining once the membership card is lost, stolen or damaged and follow up with a written confirmation.
    2. New card replacement is not applicable to non-registered ClubDining Card as we will not have your records to transfer points.
    3. In case of loss, damage or theft of the membership card, ClubDining is not entitled to the liabilities on any losses or damages that may be suffered by the member.

  6. Others
    1. The club may, at its sole and absolute discretion, add, change, amend or repeal any or all of the membership terms and conditions and/or rules and regulations, including annual fees, charges and expenses payable by a member from time to time.
    2. ClubONE is not responsible for any loss of loyalty points due to technological or system problems.
    3. From time to time ClubONE will update the designated outlets, update and improve the membership program. Members can check the membership site for latest terms and/or announcements. If there is any discrepancy or changing of the information, we are not responsible for the problems arising from such discrepancy or changing.

**The terms and conditions for food & beverage membership are written in both English and Chinese languages. In the event of conflict between the two versions, the English version shall prevail.